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Templo Dragón

Templo Disidente de la Tradición Nativista Correlliana, de la Religión Wicca; en el Mundo Entero

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About the False Apology from Phoenix Coffin Williams

Shelly Malak Stodd
With all due respect, why was there a decision to apologize and then complete the statement with a different name/insult? In my mind that just keeps fueling the antagonism. Perhaps I missed something?
Jim Sayers
You’re right. It negates the…

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Resignation - The Circle of the Nine Muses Proto Temple

Rich Donahue
25 August 2023 at 16:02h
Peeps it is time for me to walk on my own. 
 I have nothing but honor and respect for the Correllian Tradition, I have made some of the most wonderful friends, some I call Brother and Sister, I have made wonderful connections, b…

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Who owns Witchschool? asked by Vivian Dewey

Marijke Klören
I think in the end Ed
Christian Day
“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
In this case, it's whoever controls the copyright. And yeah, from what I keep hearing, that would be Ed.
Vivian Dewey
Yes, he posted that he ow…

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