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Templo Dragón

Templo Disidente de la Tradición Nativista Correlliana, de la Religión Wicca; en el Mundo Entero

Dragon Temple’s House of Serenity

August 23rd, Year 23 of Aquarius Age


For us, this was never about money or power.

This was about Wicca, Magick, Spirituality, Goddess, Deity, Feminine Power, Universal Paganism, Freedom, Human Rights, Values, Philosophy, Rituals, Community, Exchanging of Ideas, Experiencing Great Moments, Friendship, Serenity, the Divine… All of which the current “Leadership” have forsaken, they have forgotten, they have violated, they have broken.

And now We’ve been shown by Deity, Higher Selves & Ancestors: That the solution is simple: 7 years.

Starting Today, and until September 4th Year 30 of Aquarius, for 7 years we won’t recognize this mutinous and putschist false Leadership of the Correllian Tradition:

And the reasons are the following:

[We are showing these currently only to our Temple Members and Friends, in order to avoid further direct conflict and confrontation, especially because right now there's no possibility of solving the current pressing issues; we believe this will help us install some distance and peace from which the healing process can start, slowly but surely]

[To be verified when they are revealed in full, these is exactly how the reasons look like in length and form, character by character] (just to prove they are already written, we’re not writing them afterwards as they would probably try to argue):


    • We must say clearly: He is not the Tradition; he is not the Church
    • He was supposed to care for the Tradition and all Tradition members, instead he has been systematically abusing and living off Tradition Members
  • Krystel Neuman because she has stated that for her: “Don is the Tradition, I’m always going to be with Don”, XXXXX XX XXXXXXX XX X XXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX, but as a First Priestess is a total oath break to surrender all decisions and all powers into a single man, nullifying a Responsibility that needed to be Sacred, Moral, True, Courageous, especially within the times we’re living as Human Race
  • Ed Hubbard because he had long ago quit all titles, offices, and responsibilities within the CNC, as he himself has expressed in written and verbally in multiple forms and occasions. XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX-XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXX-XX-XXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX (he’s only seeking money for Don, and for his unviable projects)
  • Phoenix Coffin because he is being evidently manipulated by Don, never had the right to coup against Stephanie in an illegal and immoral move, and he has alienated almost everyone with his extremely rude behavior, tactics, and words, and he doesn’t represent us Correllians at all,
  •  Alyssa Maxon because XXX XXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, XX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX, XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XX XX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XX XX X XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX, even though there has always been a terribly worry of her being “groomed” and “indoctrinated” by Don, because she arrived so young; but she has proven to be extremely rude and hurtful to many people around her, obsessive with carrying on with Don’s will, instructions and suggestions, without thinking or caring for the people that were being disrespected and hurt – XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX
  • And well, shouldn’t even include them because it’s widely believed they are being used and exploited for their money, work, time, and efforts, but evidently, we do not recognize any First Elder quality in Lori Blackman, or XXX XXXXXXX High-Correll representation/XXXXXXX in Jason Mycroft. We are terribly sorry that you’re being used, we hope you can escape soon from the grip exploiting you


To the ones that decide to stay and submit their fates to the above mentioned false leadership: we understand, not fully agree but indeed understand, and we truly respect the ones among you that are here for the true Correllian Tradition in the long run, and we honor you for that, and we’re sorry for what you have been through, please: take care, take care of your money, your time, your energy, your work, be at least sure, before you even plan to do anything: Double make sure at least you're enjoying what you're doing, and be sure to obtain a spiritual satisfaction out of it, a learning, a valuable lesson, a growth experience, find true friendship and great moments, love each other!


To the ones that have already left our Correllian Tradition, we're sorry it had to be this way, we're sorry for all you've lost, we're sorry for all you’ve been hurt, but we make the following commitment: at every ritual we’ll pray for you and all of us, and send healing energy and pray the Gods to favor you, to uplift you, to compensate you. We also say this: Take what is good, take the good lessons, your friends, the great moments you lived (we hope there were at least some), and go live at full with this much growth and freedom you’ve gained!!!!!!!

We love you all, truly. Thank you!


We’ll reconvene on September 4th Year 30 of Aquarius and will resume conversations with the remaining bodies preserving Correllianism by that time. Hopefully by then the answers we asked for on our Question Page will have been obtained and solutions in place! (Right now there’s little chance, but time will tell).


Meanwhile we will also preserve our true Correllian Teachings and Faith, we’ll probably make a conscious effort to focus especially on Ethics, Correllian Values, Correllian Manifesto, Correllian Philosophy and Ministry, Living the Wiccan Life, Priesthood, and in Ritual and Group Dynamics. And conflict avoidance and resolution!


The only way to change Systems is from the inside. Stephanie Leon Neal tried. And we will continue trying. Even by being a dissident group, we have no problem with that, it's part of the process, and we trust our processes. We will continue doing the important things: Celebrating and practicing our Correllian Faith, working with Ancestors, organizing rituals, praying for peace, defending Mother Earth, building and nurturing global projects, etc. We’ll continue learning, teaching, evolving in a positive, enlightened, inspired way. We’ll keep dedicating and initiating people, and we’ll raise a fund with all fees from initiations, but these fees will be held in a special restricted account, in a transparent, ethical and community oriented way, and will never reach Donald Lewis’ bank accounts; however in time, when Year 30 of Aquarius arrives, funds will be offered to help the Tradition in a transparent and constructive way, for the good use of any particular Tradition’s need or project, democratically selected, and certainly never for 1 person only.


Until that day: This is the way! And may you Blessed Be!


Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!


The Correllian Nativist Tradition’s Dragon Temple’s House of Serenity




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