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Templo Dragón

Templo Disidente de la Tradición Nativista Correlliana, de la Religión Wicca; en el Mundo Entero

Christian Day named Honorary Third Degree Priest with Elder Status at the Correllian Tradition, by The Prince of Faith, Ed Hubbard

Words from Christian Day:
August 22nd of 2023:
Apparently, much of the Corellian tradition is discovering, for the first time, that neither Donald Lewis nor anyone else in that organization has any power at all, no matter what the by-laws say. The ghastly Ed Hubbard has always maintained 100% de facto control of that organization, and anyone who thinks otherwise is significantly deluded. Traci Logan Wood, who was once in as high a position of authority as anyone in that tradition could be, discovered what this Stephanie Neal person is speaking of in this shared post below. I saw that Ed was the only real authority the moment Ed and Don came to Salem to open their museum. This is the same museum that they ended up abandoning when they left in the dead of night, owing money to much of their staff. One of my great regrets was ever encouraging this crew to come to Salem before I realized the caliber of person Ed is, though I've never been shocked at how colossally they failed there. I have always warned their people that Ed himself has admitted to me and on Youtube at one point that he encourages people in this tradition to get initiated into other traditions and steal their materials. No one I know currently practicing the tradition seems to know about this so maybe they aren't pushing it anymore but the idea of any tradition being founded on the breaking of oaths is definitely something I'd be very suspicious of.
From what I'm reading, apparently most, if not all, of the Correllian temples in Latin American countries have resigned en masse. I'm not entirely sure if something specifically offensive to Latinos happened but I did see someone invoke Hitler in referring to Stephanie Neal and I don't think that it is ever appropriate to trivialize the Holocaust in a dispute over by-laws. I never use the term “Nazi” to refer to anything but actual Nazis.
There was a holocaust remembrance organization during Trump's tenure that started to draw correlations between his ascent and the Third Reich, and so, with Trump, I allowed some of that comparison but not much. It is deleterious to invoke the Holocaust in anything other than the Holocaust because of the sheer scope and efficiency of the evil the Nazis committed. It is imprudent to use the terms “Nazi” or “Hitler” to refer to anything of a lesser nature because it diminishes the sheer horror of that hateful regime.
The furthest I ever got was when they gave me a cheesy purple sash. Well, the sash ended up in the trash.
First off, I'd never join any tradition that encourages people to break oaths. I don't think they're still doing it, but that they ever did is a taint to any of their practitioners. If these folks wanted to go on to more established traditions, teachers might look at them as potentially grabbing their initiatory material only to bring it back to Ed Hubbard so he can monetize it. But Ed personally admitted this particular directive to me over a decade ago and spoke about it at one point on social media.
Ed Hubbard posted at one point, in a very encouraging way that someone would shoot me someday and then put a heart (I love reaction) on another post talking about using me as target practice. I forgave some of his crap several times, but every time I sincerely handed him the olive branch, he'd later find a way to light it on fire.
None of this is surprising to me. I saw all the people they owed money to that worked for their museum in Salem that was open for a minute or two.
Ed Hubbard has gotten all the chances he's ever going to get from me. Yeah, it's probably a little petty that I'm popping the popcorn and I certainly don't want to see anyone in the tradition hurt by this whether they support him or don't because I've watched this and everyone on both sides of this debate seem to be very devoted to the tradition and the work they've put into it. But I just think this guy has always been bad news, will always be bad news and isn't going to ever help the Correllians in any substantive way.
I am what I am, and I say what I think. Every time I forgave Hubbard, my forgiveness was sincere, and every olive branch I handed him was lit on fire again and again, from encouraging people that I should be shot, to inciting people to "take me down" when he [inaccurately] thought I was "financially vulnerable." He continues to find himself in any silliness the crazies in this community (which includes him) hurl my way as though if joins just one more bandwagon, I will somehow dry up and blow away.
Not going to happen.
I support the people I know who are staying in the tradition because I think it's wise to try to change it, but I also support those leaving, and I'm not sure that the thing can actually be fixed. Until they recognize, as Stephanie Neal and others have, that Ed runs the show regardless of what's on paper, they will forever be serving his agenda and not that of the gods or the tradition.
I'd never let Ed Hubbard  back in my life at this point because he's just proven to be insincere at reconciliation. If I can't trust someone's olive branch to be real, then there's not much about them I can trust.
Regarding the Oath Breaking Directive:
Ed Hubbard mentioned the directive to bring back initiatory secrets to make the Correllian tradition "the most complete tradition" directly to my face when I asked him about it well over a decade ago after hearing about this directive from Vinnie Russo. I don't answer to Alyssa Maxon Kemp, but if she would like, I can start tagging the people who had things taken from them or not paid to them during the time the museum was in Salem. I'm sure they would love to share their testimony. As for the directive to betray oaths, my husband, Brian Cain says he knew about it before we even got together because Ed talked about it on YouTube. It's why many members of British Traditional Witchcraft would not initiate Corellians because they are concerned that their oathbound materials will end up on Ed Hubbard's computer.
I don't care what this simpering sycophant Alyssa thinks of me any more than I do what Ed Hubbard thinks of me. His Native American name has been “Flies on hair”—ever since Darci Velez saw him at the Salem post office with Beelzebub's chosen creatures flitting and darting about his head.
I don't answer to these people. I do know that people I care for are among their ranks, and I hope that they realize that these individuals are under my protection.
I love that for Alyssa and Phoenix I'm a "random stranger" that they insisted on making an honorary third degree. I honestly shouldn't have accepted it. While I support colleges doing this sort of thing, I don't see the point of a Church doing it. Why should I, some "random stranger," be conferred a title that you, Eblis Correllian, had to work hard for?
I could have gotten Alexandrian and Gardnerian initiations without much work either over the years, but I chose to train under my husband and worked for everything I got and am still first degree in that trad. I don't think these things should be handed out like candy and the reason they gave it to this "random stranger" is that they were courting my business acumen and, presumably, investment.
If Ed Hubbard wants to throw down with me, let him try. He will fail as he as failed every other time he came for me when I didn't send for him.
I'll start with Peter Mercury. I know he worked for the World of Witches Museum and I recall him being one of those who was left out in the cold.
Also, I find an interesting Freudian slip with Kai Aidan sayign what I'm saying is heresy when he clearly meant to say hearsay.
First off, I have enough money that I wouldn't dare say anything I wasn't willing to testify to in a court of law and Ed Hubbard absolutely confirmed that what Vinnie Russo told me is correct and that they seek people to bring information from other traditions into their own, including those that are initiatory, because his goal was to make the Corellian tradition the most complete one.
I am many things, some of them quite terrible when necessary. But anyone that knows me knows that a liar is not among them. And I think it's pretty clear from this tsunami of resignations that Ed and Don's sense of honesty is less than savory.
My late best friend, Shawn Poirier, used to call that kinda "my ancestors told me and you need to listen" claptrap, the “metaphysical EZ-Lube.”
When people cannot support what they want with facts, suddenly they've got to whip out the spiritual superiority. LOL
I'm all for a solution to be had. I met Phoenix and I like him. I do hope that he can make changes but if he's unwilling to see the root cause of these issues and cannot elevate to a point where he realizes that comparing people to Hitler may not be the best choice for someone looking for the kind of respectability that comes from participation in the Parliament of the World Religions, I don't think he's going to get far.
I guess they're very much about the ancestors of the tradition. This certainly sheds some light on that.
Just in case anyone had any doubts I was telling the truth about Ed's desire for people to go into other traditions as spies…
This is from Ed Hubbard's published book:
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