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Just the Facts - Hoopeston Illinois


They'll tell you that I'm fanatic -- of Truth and Justice, I am. I'm going to leave this here, as it is part of an ongoing investigation, and we'll come back to it later. The fact many things happened years, decades, ago (Chicago, Hoopeston, Salem, etc.) doesn't make these things less true or less important.

So... We'll talk later about this. But shouldn't amaze anyone Ed Hubbard has troubles with an organization called "Just the Facts". 

Hoopeston is approx. 6.000 habitants

They are only 30 miles away from Danville, Illinois

They have several Churches including Christian, Methodist, Presbyterian & Lutheran

They also have a wide range of civic associations, from Scouts to Rotary

Many businesses flourish there:

A slender stalk of sweet corn has been Hoopeston’s backbone for more than a century, from the canning industries which spurred the city’s growth, to its school mascot, the internationally-known Cornjerker, to its annual Sweetcorn Festival, sponsored by the Hoopeston Jaycees.

A farming community at heart, Hoopeston has more to offer than just its agricultural roots. We have an excellent school system, Carnegie library, health care campus including a hospital, medical center, nursing home and independent living center, recreational facilities, the historic Floral Hill Cemetery and more.

Our citizens take pride in their community and have a ready smile and friendly greeting for all. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to raise a family, a community in which to locate your business, or a quiet location to spend your golden years, Hoopeston has something to offer. is the starting place for your journey around Hoopeston. Select a link, sit back and see why residents are proud to call Hoopeston “home.”

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