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Templo Disidente de la Tradición Nativista Correlliana, de la Religión Wicca; en el Mundo Entero

The Salemgate and the Oath-Breakers Directive


Eblis says:

Phoenix should apologize for his choice of words, as we have been asking since the beginning, and should resign immediately for the bad image he's casting upon our Tradition, as well as a very good distance should be placed between Ed Hubbard and CNT, for real and for good. 
This is the damage they do to our Tradition: The Salem-Gate and the Oath Breakers Directive:
Words from Christian Day:
Chistian Day says:
"Apparently, much of the Corellian tradition is discovering, for the first time, that neither Donald Lewis nor anyone else in that organization has any power at all, no matter what the by-laws say. The ghastly Ed Hubbard has always maintained 100% de facto control of that organization, and anyone who thinks otherwise is significantly deluded. Traci Logan Wood, who was once in as high a position of authority as anyone in that tradition could be, discovered what this Stephanie Neal person is speaking of in this shared post below. I saw that Ed was the only real authority the moment Ed and Don came to Salem to open their museum. This is the same museum that they ended up abandoning when they left in the dead of night, owing money to much of their staff. One of my great regrets was ever encouraging this crew to come to Salem before I realized the caliber of person Ed is, though I've never been shocked at how colossally they failed there. I have always warned their people that Ed himself has admitted to me and on Youtube at one point that he encourages people in this tradition to get initiated into other traditions and steal their materials. No one I know currently practicing the tradition seems to know about this so maybe they aren't pushing it anymore but the idea of any tradition being founded on the breaking of oaths is definitely something I'd be very suspicious of.
From what I'm reading, apparently most, if not all, of the Correllian temples in Latin American countries have resigned en masse. I'm not entirely sure if something specifically offensive to Latinos happened but I did see someone invoke Hitler in referring to Stephanie Neal and I don't think that it is ever appropriate to trivialize the Holocaust in a dispute over by-laws. I never use the term “Nazi” to refer to anything but actual Nazis."
"First off, I'd never join any tradition that encourages people to break oaths. I don't think they're still doing it, but that they ever did is a taint to any of their practitioners. If these folks wanted to go on to more established traditions, teachers might look at them as potentially grabbing their initiatory material only to bring it back to Ed Hubbard so he can monetize it. But Ed personally admitted this particular directive to me over a decade ago and spoke about it at one point on social media."
"I am talking about a directive that Ed and I spoke to after Vinnie Russo of the Cthonioi and Alexandrian traditions mentioned seeing Ed say this — something my husband also insists he saw Ed say on YouTube. I asked Ed about it and he said that yes, Correllian adherents should go into other traditions and bring that information back so that the Correllians can be the most complete tradition. I pointed out to him that this might not be the best thing to do if they are taking oathbound secrets back. I wasn't an initiate at the time so I had no real horse in that race, but my issue was more for his own protection. I basically said that, if people are willing to lie and betray FOR him, they're also willing to lie and betray TO him. It's sorta like people who marry cheaters thinking that the cheater would never cheat on them. I was less critical of Ed at the time in any ethical sort of way—in spite of thinking that this was kinda ethically shady—as I was confused as to why he'd want a tradition filled with people willing to break oaths.
He never showed a policy of any kind, so this may just be one more Ed-ism, like wanting to destroy the tradition and remake it in his image. He's always been a few french fries short of a Happy Meal so I'm only sharing what I personally experienced though others have said they saw this position as well."

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