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WitchSchool . com World's Largest Witch School for Sale


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WitchSchool . com World's Largest Witch School for Sale

Plus Minispells, Tarot College, Magick TV Good Earnings

THE WORLD'S LARGEST WITCH SCHOOL FOR SALE! and all it's related sites and projects included.


The First Online School for Witches Public Education is now for sale. 
Begun in September 4th, 2001 

WitchSchool . com is the leading educator of Public Wicca in the world, having taught people in over hundred countries and in all states of the Union. From it's graduates, students have gone onto fufill roles with dozens of groups including the Correllian Tradition, Correllian Nativst Church International, Inc., Heritage temple and serving in capacities of many many established groups. Witch School has made a significant impact. 

In it's role as educator it has had world wide press, and continues to enjoy steady increase in students and interested parties. 

Witch School has been covered in hundreds of stories across the world in print, books, television, podcasting and radio interviews. 


If you ignore the Witch School Aspects and look at the actual software component. 

Witch School is completely proprietary software. All functions built into the system was created and designed to solve the sites problems from scratch. It remains a very smooth peer-to-peer education system. Unlike other systems, Witch School's underlying software was created and designed to serve communication between mentors, students and self-learners to produce a anytime, anyplace, anywhere education system. No royalties, licenses or patents are involved. This makes it very rare and surprisingly good investment for any software company.

We have a Transcript system, Automated Tests, Teacher editable Courses, Over 100 different levels of students possible, a rotating advertising system shown on all basic students pages, A  virtual candle function, internal announcement and messenger system. 



The Comprehensive Site for online Wiccan and Pagan Education. With over 85 courses, plus tons of features that have been developed over the last five years. With over 145,000 currently actively registered students, and hundreds of thousands have passed through. It offers a lot of interaction including testing, transcripts, etc. 

Eight years old, and one of the more important Pagan Daily's. It provides significant ways to bring your message to thousands daily. 

A site under development, which has a shared structure with Witch School itself. 

This is a significant, high quality site that has allowed us to develop income. It sells the unusual as well as regularly listed items. It alone produces between $3,000 to $6,000 monthly income on the average. During the 4th quarter we have had higher amounts.

A Website as well as MIcro Channel on, plus several DVD's. 
It offers a significant way to reach even more audience with video lessons. 


This is part of and is a glossary with a developed applet which allows others to put the dictionary on their website as well. It is very simple for the operator to add significant numbers of words. The Capacity is unlimited. 

The Dictionary is fully expandable with multiple glossaries, multiple data entry level systems, with full word management. Built to incorporate video and images for the glossary. Further the Applet can be run on any website to provide this dictionary on any site. The Skin can be easily changed and made to serve any number of schools. 

This glossary can be spun off as it's own site, and also be the component for creating a sellable piece of software under the right programmers and designers. 

This is a complete turnkey production of the first Spell for a Dollar. We have everything you need to produce these products at a manufacturing level. As few as one person, preferably three can produce over 3,000 a week, and more and sell them.  Customers include Dollar Stores, metaphysical, eBayers, plus lots of end customers. 

This includes all the over 150 spells, the system of making them, templates, etc. easy to make, and they are easy to sell. They have been featured in Wholesale Source Magazine.

We have already sold over 100,000 of them, Since the began 5/5/5. 
This project is in desperate need of a salesman. 


This is a totally in house micro manufacturing company that can be easily scaled up. With all the equipment we can provide, along with suppliers and training, having you produce them in sufficient quantity as to be able to show and sell at INATS in June. These are a high value item that can provide steady jobs, steady sales, and be an independent source of revenue and profits. 

According to as of April 8th, 2007: 
Witch School is the  606,630th largest Website in the World  and has 44,476 Links began as the Daily Spell, publishing the Daily lessons of Don Lewis of the Correllian Tradition, in 1998. By Sept. 2001, it became important to start the site with Don Lewis, Ed Hubbard, and Lisa Tuit. 


Witchwars . com  
Blogofshadows . co . uk
Blogofshadows . net 
Crystalwebshrine . com
Interactivegrimiore . com 
Livingthewiccanlife . com
Magicktv . co . uk
Magicktv . com
Magicktv . net
Minispell . com
Minispells . com
Myblogofshadows . com
Newaeonchurch . com
Newaeonchurch . org
Newaeoncollege . com
Newaeoncollege . org
Paganaidnetwork . com
Paganarmy . com
Paganarmy . net
Paganarmy . org
Paganarmy . us

And Our MySpace account with over 1888 Friends. 

Again this is a comprehensive site that earns income on a daily basis, through subscriptions and through sales, as well as advertising. 

September 2002 - 2003:  $55,486.62
October 2003- Sept. 2004:  $82,046.00
October 2004 - September 2005: $89,947.50
October 2005 - December 2005: $30,351.30
Jan 2006 - December 2006:  $82,3437.29

This does not include revenue from items from sales such as our own books, CD's, and Minspells. Those numbers will be given to serious bidders. 



Add Witch School to your favorite seller list!

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We also can ship via USPS First-Class, USPS Priority, USPS Express, FedEx Overnight Services, FedEx 2Day, FedEx Express Saver, and FedEx Ground upon request. Buyer pays exact amount plus $3 handling for these shipping fees.

We do combine with other auctions to save you on shipping.

We do ship internationally!  Please email us when you win auctions.
International shipping is expensive! We work to keep your shipping costs down. 

You can also call to make payment arrangements other than through Paypal by calling or emailing!
We work with you for better customer service. 

Phone: 217-283-4360 or email auctions @ witchschool . com

Sales Tax is 6.50% for Illinois buyers.

Payment PoliciesPayments for all auctions must be RECEIVED (postmarks do not count) in our office no later than 21 days after auction close.  If there is no communication from the buyer within 7 days, an unpaid item reminder may be filed.
About is the leading supplier of Online Wiccan and Magickal education!
We support the Solitaire and Pagan Closeted Communities with respect. 

We ship from the City of Hoopeston, Sweet Corn Capital of the World
located at 112 West Main Street, Hoopeston, IL 60942
Phone: 217-283-4360 or email auctions @ witchschool . com
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!We are so sure that you'll love the item you are bidding on that upon receipt of your item, if you are not completely satisfied PLEASE contact us via e-mail or telephone immediately. You may return the item within 8 days from the date you received it. We will refund the total amount you paid or you may choose an item of equal value from one of our other auctions or from our Store. 



On Apr-10-07 at 23:27:22 PDT, seller added the following information:



Okay....Yes this is for the full Witch School. It has a lot of parts and pieces. 

The Main Thing it holds is the License to Don Lewis Correllian Wicca,  and the right to use it in many different ways. It has a perpetual right to provide  FIRST, SECOND and THIRD DEGREES. It has many other rights to sell product. Witch School also negotiates and handles Don Lewis Copyright licenses exclusively  since the Year 2000. Currently, a major publisher has the option to publish Don Lewis books, and will be likely exercise this right.

Also, SCiFi (NBC) has bought the rights through options to develop Witch School for Television. This contract must be honored as well. This can only be discussed with serious individuals who are willing to work with the current contracts.

Lifetime  Members need to have their rights, and basically they represent a core which makes Witch School one of the most powerful networks in the world. Through Witch School, Wiccans globally can communicate and discuss many many different things. These will be need to discussed, but of course, anyone who wants this powerful education and entertainment platform will want Lifetime Membership support.

This will come with all the training needed, I will spend at two weeks with the winner to show and get them moving. It will be a complete turnkey operation, and can be operating on a flow. This includes 4 maybe 5 computers, a micro television studio, printers and all needed equipment. (everything but a copier which you may need to rent or buy, we lease one for 291.00 a month).

Many students have discussed working together...I applaud you and recommend you discuss any desire to purchase or creating a group to buy it with a lawyer. Any lawyer or serious person may call me. 217-283-4360.

Basically I want Witch School to survive, and with help I built it into a global platform far more capable than anyone imagines. The new owners will start clean, with no debts, and a exceptional system. In order for witch School to survive, I have to get it out of Hoopeston and I can not leave myself and begin over. It's really that simple.

Feel free to ask questions as you desire. I will answer them all openly as best I can.

My email is or call 217-283-4360.

Don Lewis is also working with individuals who would like to see Witch School stay with a strong Wiccan crew. Like I said it produces jobs. You can email for questions of him.


Questions from other members : World's Largest Witch School for Sale


Question & AnswerAnswered On
Q: It seems to me if this is a serious auction you could give at least a ball point figure of the reserve price. You say you welcome students and other people to get together to try to buy, but how can we. A rough figure would be nice...10 Thousand, 20 something for us to work with please...Apr-11-07
A: Okay....$100,000. but I will sell to the highest bidder period, regardless if reserve is met or not. In fact, the Scifi contract alone offers that much. Nothing is more serious than this auction...Witch School is a powerful site capable of reaching a global audience that numbers into hundreds of thousands. Understand that this auction will go, and many people are beginning to realize it is for sale. There is no debt when transferred and can be a source of revenue. In fact, most of the profits have been funnelled into supporting Correllian members one way or another, from free conferences, to plane tickets, to any number of incidental costs. I will be giving a better breakdown of income flow tonight for public posting...I already put out the subscription revenue.
Q: Are you willing to give some time for a student union to be developed and monies to be gathered if a price is settled upon? Why the panic, and why didnt you inform the student body BEFORE putting it up for auction?Apr-11-07
A: First, I do not have to inform the student body, and I have repeatedly mentioned this. I am working to get a real buyer who will do well by students. I have asked and I have attempted to move this Correllian Church International over a year ago and Davron Michaels has turned this down. In fact, he decided to launch his own school, violating Don Lewis personal copyright. I have attempted many times to work with groups, and each time, I have been turned down and laughed at. So this auction represents the best alternative. I am not the evil person that has been created about me, and yes I am willing to work with anyone. In fact, Isarma and Don Lewis are looking to put such a coalition together. I am not unreasonable, but I am very serious. Thank You for the question.
Q: What will happen to those people who have supported WS by purchasing in good faith life time memberships with the school?Apr-11-07
A: They will be maintained as lifetime members. That is part of the sale, and if need be, I can create a subsite to fufill those needs. I have given everyone everything I have promised in the way of service. I made a promise I intend to is my nature and I have stood behind, even when everyone laughed at me. Before Witch School and Cherry Hill, no one had schools, since then everyone has. Lifetimes will be cared for.
Q: What about those you and Don owe money to?Apr-11-07
A: Every cent will be paid from the proceeds from the sale. We have a list of monies that will be paid to make it a clear sale.
Q: MM, I am Lady Sylvana HPS of Sylvan Grove and am sincerely interested in bidding on your witchschool. I'd like to know what the reserve is to now if it's even in my league. ;-} Regardless, I wish you good luck on the sale! Sylvana aka mizdeviante'Apr-10-07
A: The reserve is being held private, but we are sincerly selling this to the right buyer. There are groups who are talking about working together to purchase it. All I know Spirit said I needed to sell this now, and get it out of Hoopeston. I am happy to discuss it at 217-283-4360
Q: May I ask why you are selling this item?Apr-10-07
A: Hi, Simply put....Witch School can not stay in Hoopeston, and I do not want to move it. Under the laws I need to offer it aat fair amrket value to all the partners, and eBay is considered a fair market. Basically events have led me to beleive that we will not be able to survive...Maybe Salem, maybe somewhere else, but it will be destroyed soon if it does not leave Hoopeston. I pray that by offering it to the world, led by spirit, that someone can take it and make it work even better. After all, it's a very powerful website, with a lot of tools. It's worth something to someone, but my health and obligations won't let me move it. So I will sell it to someone who can.
Q: Are you selling the whole operation and getting out of business? If so, why are you doing this? I may be interested in the entire business entity.Apr-10-07
A: THis is for the whole operation...every piece, including the equipment, and all the liscences etc. It includes the a sale complete. Why? Simply put, I can not handle another move. I invested everything I have in this, and recent events in Hoopeston have made it very clear that we can not stay here. Witch School has no future in Hoopeston, but under the right tutelage and operator, it can flourish.
Q: I am wondering why this school is being sold? I also see there are memberships listed...are the names and personal information of these members also being sold? thank youApr-10-07
A: No Names are being sold....Anyone who buys it will need to abide by the TOS, and we would never sell the names. We are seeking someone who can really help it grow.
Q: Just a general question. I have been a member of your school for some time now, as has my wife. Ageispanther and zackrspv are our logins :) We just want to know why you are selling? You seemd as if you were doing so well? We bid $6,500 on your auction. We are interested in buying this from you, but I would be interested to know what you are actually selling it for. I assume you are going for over 10k? --PhillipApr-10-07
A: Hi, Basically Witch school is doing well online, but the community in Hoopeston is not doing well. With basically a allegedly hostile city council, and with individuals such as the publisher of Just the facts working to drive us out of Hoopeston. Recently a individual who was working for another company that I am involved with was told to quit by her family because I am a witch. Basically Witch school can be and is a business that produces at least 5 jobs for Wiccans for at least 3 years. But if Witch School will not survive if it remains in Hoopeston and I can not afford to move it. I am praying to Goddess that someone will consider buying it and moving it, along with Don Lewis, and let it grow. BUt it will not survive if it stays in Hoopeston, and my health won't survive another move. So I must sell it.
Q: hello, I am interested in the auction. I have a few questions. How do you generate revenue? what is your total revenue and average monthly profit? How long do you spend on the site per week? what is your reserve price? thanks -VjApr-10-07
A: Hi, I generate revenue through subscriptions, direct sales of our own copyrights, in many different forms, selling of Minispells, and through several other smaller channels. I am willing to discuss further financial matters, please call 217-283-4360. Blessings Ed Hubbard

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