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Templo Dragón

Templo Disidente de la Tradición Nativista Correlliana, de la Religión Wicca; en el Mundo Entero

Cisma Correlliano / Correllian Schism


Aquí construiremos una entrada/página en Honor de todas estas hermosas personas y valientes grupos. Porque los golpistas de "la mafia" querrán que se nos olvide. Pero no lo permitiremos. Por cada intento de silenciar una voz, habrá voces que ayuden a transmitir el mensaje silenciado.

Here we will build an entry/page in Honor of all these beautiful people and brave groups. Because the coup plotters of "the maffia" will want us to forget. But we won't allow it. For every attempt to silence a voice, there will be voices helping to deliver the silenced message.

Chartered/Certified Bodies:
From the US, UK, Spain, Venezuela, Chile, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala, Geneve, Dominican Republic, Argentina, etc., all over the World:
[And including their members, whether all their members, in some cases, or many/some of their members, depending on each case; but yes, hundreds of people in total, not just "two persons" as some vicious people from the mob would like everyone to believe]

  1. Arboleda del Awen
  2. Celtic Crow Temple (+75 members)
  3. Chosen Path Church (+43 members)
  4. Circle of the 9 Muses (+17 subscribers)
  5. Coven La Rueda de Plata (+150 virtual community)
  6. Four Pilars Temple (+16 active members) (+581 followers)
  7. Inverness Forest Coven (+8 members) (+124 followers)
  8. Mystic Woods Temple 
  9. Orden de Cambiapieles (+43 members)
  10. Orden de Dioniso (+107 members)
  11. Orden del Sendero del Bosque Austral (+656 followers)
  12. Orden Sagrada de Tetraktys
  13. Order of Circle of Asclepius (+88 followers)
  14. Order of Circle of Apollo (+52 followers)
  15. Order of Seshat
  16. Order of the Emerald Star
  17. Order of the Sacred Hunt
  18. Order of the Red Tent
  19. Order of Web Weavers (+42 members) (the Order continues, but Heads and many members left Tradition and/or will reconduct/modify their practice, basically avoiding Ed Hubbard's businesses)
  20. Our Lady of Peace
  21. Proto Templo Espejo Negro (+110 followers)
  22. Proto Templo Señora de las Aguas (+1.100 followers)
  23. Sacred Light Temple of Md (+60 members)
  24. Santuario de Eros (+1.400 followers)
  25. Santuario de la Anciana Luna
  26. Santuario de Némesis (+200 followers)
  27. Santuario Witan del Yggdrasil (+13 members, +85 active virtual community)
  28. Santuario Witan Hécate Triformis (+5.800 followers)
  29. Serpent of Hermes Temple (Aug. 31st of 2023: +15 of SoH resigned from the Tradition officially) (+542 followers)
  30. Shrine of the Druid’s Keep (+2.600 virtual community)
  31. Spiritual Wolf Temple
  32. Temple of Arcere (+1.000 followers)
  33. Temple of the Oaks
  34. Templo Bosque del Norte (+3.200 followers)
  35. Templo de Diana Invicta (+2.600 followers)
  36. Templo de Ereshkigal (+2.000 followers)
  37. Templo de Hécate (+13.000 followers)
  38. Templo Dragon (now Dissidents) (+2.200 followers, +2.800 virtual community, +20 members)
  39. Templo de Ptah (+2.000 followers)
  40. Templo Tierra de Gracia (+30 active members, +441 virtual community)
  41. The Correllian Times (the original one)
  42. Wild Ways Study Group
  43. Wisdom House Proto-Temple


Priestesses, Priests, Dedicants & Members:
Ranging all Degrees, Ranks and Offices:

  1. Ademir A.
  2. Aggeliki G.
  3. Alexander L.
  4. Alexandra P.
  5. Ana T. T. A.
  6. Andrea A.
  7. Andrea B. G.
  8. Andreas S.
  9. Ángela M.
  10. Angeliki G.
  11. Anónimos / Anonymous
  12. Anvesaca del Bosque
  13. Armando J. G. P.
  14. Athanasia P.
  15. Athe d. I.
  16. Autumn P. & Mathew P.
  17. Aynur D'Alseret
  18. Ayra Alseret
  19. Aziar C.
  20. Bowen B.
  21. Bradley F.
  22. Carla B. D.
  23. Carla M. A. 
  24. Carol
  25. Carolina A. G. C.
  26. Carolina E. R. V.
  27. Charikleia A.
  28. Claudia A. M. V. (Rev. Morgana Viento del Mar)
  29. Cecy S.
  30. Consuelo A. M. P.
  31. Crimson Belladona
  32. Danea Moon
  33. Dayana V. (Gigi)
  34. Eblis Z. S. Pendragon (forced into dissidence by the coupist mob) 
  35. Eduardo O.
  36. Eleni L.
  37. Elizabeth G.
  38. Esperanza C. S.
  39. Fabiola C. S.
  40. Gabriela A. Q.
  41. Gaia S.
  42. Gema R. L. F.
  43. Hazsoly Bellatrix De Fira
  44. Heleia Art
  45. Herne So Ham Om
  46. Irbis Guerrero
  47. Ion-Alexandros-J. R.
  48. Ivy E. A.
  49. Jeff C.
  50. Jennifer A. Q. R.
  51. Jesus E. B. C.
  52. John M.
  53. Jon A.
  54. Julia O. C.
  55. Karen A. L. M.
  56. Katherina G.
  57. Katyana K. D. L.-W.
  58. KC F.
  59. Konstantinos F.
  60. Konstantinos P. P.
  61. Krista T.
  62. Lamprianidou E.
  63. Laurie A. Denman
  64. Lorena C.
  65. Luis S.
  66. Lucy d. C. C. O.
  67. Magda D.
  68. Magda P. G.
  69. Maria A. M. M.
  70. Maria C. G. A.
  71. Maria K.
  72. Marisol A. E. B.
  73. Marisol B.
  74. Maverick Q.
  75. Melonie Z.
  76. Mestet Sa Hor
  77. Natalia E. R. S.
  78. Norma G. R.
  79. Octavia
  80. Oudeis T. A.
  81. Pablo E. S.
  82. Pablo D.
  83. Panagiota G.
  84. Peggy K.
  85. Pluma Argenti
  86. Prytania Asteria de Fira
  87. Rev. Hatsö
  88. Rev. Silvia G.
  89. Rich D.
  90. Rosa M. A. M.
  91. Sam C.
  92. Silvia B. C.
  93. Smaroula S.
  94. Stavros N.
  95. Stephanie Leon Neal
  96. Tempus
  97. Thalia S.
  98. Vicente P. R. G.
  99. Yaxley Black
  100. Yoana K.
  101. Zoi V.


And the many more who asked not to be mentioned, or who we have failed to record (because the coup plotters of "the maffia" are making sure to delete digital trails as fast as possible, creating new Facebook groups and deleting previous ones, modifying webpages, etc.). Please feel free to write to us or leave a comment if you want to be added to the list. Or if you have any comment, suggestion, modification request of any sort, or information, we'll make sure to take care of it right away.


You can read all Letters & messages HERE.






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